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University Activities

This transdisciplinary center conducts research and development of innovative health systems, especially information and communication services, in order to optimize individuals’ health behaviors, quality of life, and access to services. Click here for more information about CHESS.

This research team explores the social and psychological influences of social media, especially political blogs, video-sharing sites, and other user-created content, using surveys, experiments, content analysis, and other methods.

This research group examines the influence of health communication, especially information technologies such as social and mobile media, on optimizing health behaviors, quality of life, emotional coping, and access to needed services.

This cross-university team conducts research on the role of mass media, social networking, and interpersonal conversation on civic participation, campaign engagement, and youth socialization into public life.

A working group investigating the fluid relationship among mass media, markets, and civic and political life. Recent work has focused on lifestyle politics, political consumerism, and polarized politics. Click here for more information about CCCP.