• Teach graduate students attitudinal and cognitive approaches to media effects.
  • Apply basic psychological theories to understand communication influences.
  • Download the syllabus here.
  • Download reserve readings here.
  • Teach graduate students the processes underlying conducting and publishing empirical research: Theory construction, measurement, report writing and reviewing, and programmatic inquiry.
  • Students apply learning to their own research through development of independent project.
  • Download the syllabus here.
  • Download seminar readings here.
  • Teach graduate students the psychology of political communication.
  • Focus on news framing, campaign communications, and political participation.
  • Download the syllabus here.
  • Teach graduate students research on the societal impact of the Internet.
  • Focus on implications of e-democracy, online communities, and mobilization.
  • Download the syllabus here.
  • Introduce graduate students research on computational social science.
  • Focus on language processing, network science, agent-based modeling, and algorithms.
  • Download the syllabus here.

Evaluations and Advising